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Welcome to Rocket Chicken, where each bite is full of delicious flavors! Get ready for a tasty adventure that will excite your taste buds and make you want more. This article will show you what makes Rocket Chicken’s menu special. It’s created by chefs who are food experts and are dedicated to giving you the best dining experience. Whether you love great food or just want a meal to remember, Rocket Chicken will exceed your expectations. Enjoy dishes that are both creative and high-quality for a dining experience you won’t forget!

Rocket Chicken’s

At Rocket Chicken, each dish shows creativity and high quality. When you arrive, you’ll smell deliciously seasoned chicken and tasty sides. Their menu has a variety of flavors that everyone can enjoy. Let’s explore what makes their food special:

Menu ItemPrice (Rp)
Rocket 1 (Nasi, Sayap, Es Teh)9.860
Rocket 2 (Nasi, Chicken Steak, Es Teh)15.080
Rocket 3 (Chicken Burger, Es Teh)13.340
Rocket 4 (Nasi, Paha Bawah, Es Teh)12.180
Rocket 5 (Nasi Goreng, Telor Ceplok, Es Teh)15.660
Rocket 6 (Nasi, 3pcs Chicken strips, Nestea)15.660
Rocket 7 (Nasi, Dada/Paha Atas, Es Teh)15.660
Rocket 8 (Nasi, Paha Bawah, Milo)15.660
Rocket 9 (Nasi, Paha Bawah, Milo)15.660
Rocket 10 (Nasi, Dada/Paha Atas, Nestle Orange)16.240
Geprek 1 (Sayap Geprek, Nasi, Es Teh)15.080
Geprek 2 (Paha Bawah Geprek, Nasi, Es Teh)16.240
Geprek 3 (Dada/Paha Atas Geprek, Nasi, Es Teh)18.560
Sehat 1 (Nasi, Sayap, Milo)12.760
Sehat 2 (Chicken Burger, Milo)15.080
Sehat 3 (Nasi, Dada/Paha Atas, Milo)17.400
Sehat 4 (Nasi, 3pcs Chicken Strip, Milo)17.400
Cheesy 1 (Chicken Cheesy Level, Nasi, Sayap, Es Teh)13.920
Cheesy 2 (Chicken Cheesy Level, Paha Bawah, Nasi, Es Teh)15.080
Cheesy 3 (Chicken Cheesy Level, Dada/Paha Atas, Nasi, Es Teh)17.400
Rocket Kids Paket 1 (Nasi, Paha Bawah, Happy Jus)16.000
Rocket Kids Paket 2 (Nasi, Dada, Happy Jus)17.000
Paha Bawah10.000
Paha Atas11.000
Snack Bucket 16.000
Snack Bucket 28.000
Telur Ceplok3.000
French Fries8.000
Nasi Goreng10.000
Chicken Steak10.000
Chicken Strips 4 pcs11.000
Chicken Burger11.000
Chicken Cheese Burger13.000
Jus Durian8.000
Jus Jambu6.000
Jus Strawberry6.000
Mango Milk Shake Float8.000
Strawberry Milkshake Float8.000
Cappuccino Milkshake Float8.000
Chocolate Milkshake Float8.000

So Rocket Chicken welcomes you to try their innovative and passionate flavors. Whether you are a regular or visiting for the first time, Rocket Chicken promises a unique dining experience. Enjoy their delicious menu, feel the atmosphere, and discover why Rocket Chicken is more than just food it’s a journey worth sharing.

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